Newsletter 1/23

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Dear colleagues and friends of the RTG 2806,


the research training group 2806 Literature and the Public Sphere in Different Contemporary Cultures of the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is pleased to present You the RTG-newsletter. We would like to inform You every quarter about the activities and research of the scholars and fellows of the interdisciplinary research group. Therefore, we cordially invite all interested parties to subscribe and read the newsletter!

After a good one year of existence of the research training group, which heralded its beginning with an opening ceremony in January 2023, the doctoral students presented first drafts of their work in detail for discussion during a retreat at the beginning of October.

The three-day retreat in Franconian Switzerland was accompanied by a walk to the Pulvermühle in Waischenfeld – the last official meeting place of Gruppe 47 in 1967 – as well as lectures on the relationship between literatures and publics by our Mercator Fellows Heinz Drügh (Goethe University, Frankfurt a. Main), Christine Magerski (University of Zagreb) and Werner Sollors (Havard University).

The retreat also marked the start of the group’s winter semester 2023/24, which will feature modules focusing on strategies of attention, public frameworks, and material phenomena of literature, as well as on literary knowledge productions, ethics and politics. In addition, we are looking forward to weekly lectures as part of the lecture series Literature and Publics, along with the end-of-semester workshop Together/Writing. Sociological and Cultural Studies Perspectives on Literary Groups after 1945.


Recently published

Maximilian Würz (M.A., Erlangen): Work report: The short story and short
narrative forms in theory and practice. In: Erlanger Beiträge zur Medienwirtschaft, No. 16/2023,
Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Institute for Book Studies, Professorship for
Book Science, esp. e-publishing and digital markets, Erlangen.


Outlook / News

Oct. 18, 2023-Feb. 7, 2024 (Wednesdays); Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen: Lecture Series – Literature and Publics. Information and contact:

23./24.11.2023; Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach: Conference – War & Peace. Negotiations in Literature and Other Media. Organization: Patrick Graur (M.A., Erlangen) as a member of the young German Schiller Society. Information and contact:

14/15.03.2024; Literaturarchiv Sulzbach-Rosenberg/Literaturhaus Oberpfalz: Workshop – Together/Writing. Sociological and cultural studies perspectives on literary groups after 1945. Organization: Dr. Antonia Villinger (Erlangen) / Patrick Graur (M.A., Erlangen). Contact: /



Sept. 04-08, 2023, Virtual Conference on Darkness in the American Imagination, PoPMeC Association for US Popular Culture Studies. Lecture – Lisa Seuberth (Erlangen): Stylometry, Collocate Analysis, and/or Close Reading: Evaluating Quantitative Approaches to Racialized Darkness and Light.

29./30.06.2023: Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen: Workshop – Media Diversity in German Literature. A Methodological Experiment. In cooperation with the Bonn-RTG 2291 Present/Literature – History, Theory and Praxeology of a Relationship. Organization: Marlene Kirsten (M.A., Bonn) / Noran Omran (M.A., Erlangen).

13.06.2023: Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen: Lecture – Prof. PhD. Mark McGurl (Stanford University): Social Capital: Epic Fantasy and the Magical School.

18.-21.03.2023: Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen: Conference – European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts and ELINAS Research Center for Literature and Natural Science. Panel: Literature and the Public Sphere – Epistemic Functions of Fiction. Organization: Prof. Dr. Karin Höpker (Erlangen/Berlin)/ Dr. Antonia Villinger (Erlangen).

07./08.03.2023: Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen: Workshop – Coal as an Energy Source from Romanticism to the Present. Organization: Dr. Antonia Villinger (Erlangen)

19.12.2022: Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen: Lecture – Prof. Dr. Friederike Eigler (Georgetown University Washington): Flight and Displacement in Literature and Literary Studies.


The research training group sends its warmest greetings to You and wishes You a successful start into the winter semester!


Newsletter editorial
Emma Rech (Erlangen) / Noran Omran (Erlangen)
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Noran Omran, M. A.
Research Assistant Department of German and Comparative Literature
Doctoral Student Representative in Research Training Group 2806 Literature and the Public Sphere in Different Contemporary Cultures
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