What are the social, political, economic and media conditions under which literature emerges? And what effects does literature have on its immediate environments? These are the issues addressed by the Research Training Group “Literature and the Public Sphere in Differentiated Contemporary Cultures.” It aims to examine contemporary literature in different languages and cultural contexts since 1945 with regard to changing and fragmenting public spheres. It is characterised in particular by its praxeological concept of literature, which includes socio-cultural contexts, political frameworks, institutional conditions, the literary world and literary life in its analysis. (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, speakers: Prof. Dr. Antje Kley, Prof. Dr. Dirk Niefanger)

We were very saddened to be informed today of the sudden death of our coordinator Dr. Jochen Venus. The thoughts of the members of the Kolleg are with Jochen's wife and family. Jochen Venus was an important contact person for all the members of our Kolleg. As a media scholar who researched and ta...

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The research training group 2806 Literature and the Public Sphere in Different Contemporary Cultures of the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is pleased to present You the RTG-newsletter. We would like to inform You every quarter about the activities and research of the scholars and fellows of the interdisciplinary research group. Therefore, we cordially invite all interested parties to subscribe and read the newsletter!

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With two dates at once, the DFG project "Badly Made Books. Subversive Publication Practices and Hybrid Artifacts of the Neo-Avant-Garde in the post-digital age" by PD Dr. Annette Gilbert (Dept. of Germanic & Comparative Literature) will conclude. On Thursday, November 2, the exhibiti...

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